Auto Trigger Handles

New Ripshift Trigger Grip handle for your 2015 to 2019 Mustang with the automatic transmission
This is a great way to add a contemporary performance look to your modern day muscle car
in house Billet Aluminum construction is precision CNC machined for a modern look and feel the body features a polished or black finish, while the replaceable grip plates have a Black anodized finish and display the iconic Ripshift name.
The grip features a comfortable shape that just feels "right" in your hand, along with a finger operated trigger mechanism for the lockout function. Easily installed with simple hand tools.

Part Number Type Colour To Fit Models Purchase
RSAFM1SV Street Silver Body, Black Sides Mustang 2015-17 Coming Soon
RSAFM1BK Street All Black Mustang 2015-17 Coming Soon
RSAFM2SV Street Silver Body, Black Sides Mustang 2018-19 Coming Soon
RSAFM2BK Street All Black Mustang 2018-19 Coming Soon

Ripshift is a Division of GM Motorsport Pty Ltd
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